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deaf_skribbler's Journal

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

5:51PM - Oui, Les Poissons

I'm changing to an entirely private personal journal.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

5:42PM - Spring Cleaning in Fall

LJ friends list purge. No hard feelings here 8-)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

6:23PM - This Is Subtitled! Both!

Awesome, just rented 300 and I see they have a subtitled commentary track for "the Deaf and Hard of Hearing" Sweet! Now to check the other stuff... (weird, it's a WB dvd, so they don't usually have cc/subtitling...)

Yes indeedy, the second disc on the 2-disc special edition has all the bonus materials subtitled! I bought it at Borders for almost 12 bucks off, for their usual "first week new release sale."

So far the only thing that is not subtitled or closed-captioned is an Easter Egg on the first disc, when you get into the Special Features menu, you can click on the blood spatter covering the "Special Features" title logo. That's the only thing not cced or subbed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

3:34PM - SEEing Dewey Decimal System

from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc7OXoALCgk

Oh, her blog is at http://gnarlydorkette.blogspot.com/ if anyone is interested.

transcripts and other choices...Collapse )

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

11:54AM - Prestigious Subtitling And An Amazeing Addenum

THE PRESTIGE's bonus material is subtitled.
It is released by Touchstone, part of the Disney Corporate Family.

Disney is starting to = subtitled bonus materials. That = good news.

also... PAN'S LABYRINTH (or El Laberinto del fauno as it's really titled) is subtitled! Yes, it's an foreign language movie so naturally it comes with subtitles for the movie but it also has captions and subtitles for the bonus materials. New Line DVD release 8-)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

7:54PM - Not The Sequin/Rhinestone Attaching Machine Of Infomercial Fame Plus Sappy Trees

So I finally saw a classic comedy closed-captioned. BEDAZZLED. No, not the one with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley, but the one with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Not the Deaf Peter Cook, the British one. Hm is the Deaf Peter Cook British? Lemme check... *sigh* his webpage doesn't even say where he's from, but it's not out of the question to assume he's American-born.

Anyway... back to the DVD.

Closed-captioned! And subtitled in English too. Netflix failed to mention there was CC or English subtitling on the DVD on their details page. Anyway now you know. It's a pretty funny movie. It was a long movie, but didn't feel that long. It felt just right. And Raquel Welch is really hot. Funny, there was a bit of South Park-esque animation with the flies in the movie. Anyway, the bonus materials weren't cced or subtitled but I'll live. The DVD is released by 20th Century Fox, so, the cc/subbing remains true to form.

I really love the opening title sequence. I don't know why, but the background in motion got me. I suppose I like unfocused motion. I'm not sure if I'm saying it correctly. The rush of light and colors that fill in the letters of the title cards evoke a response in me of appreciation.

Along similar lines, my favorite photographs are ones with short depth of fields wherein the backgrounds are blurry smears, bringing the subject into sharp relief. For me, it conveys a sense of motion-- I know it's not really logical but that's how it feels to me. The subject hangs in space, standing still while the rest of the world moves around it. It's kind of bedazzling to me.

Oh yes, now I know where the phrase "you fill me with inertia" comes from.

Ohhh duh. I just got a double meaning of another movie I just saw, (speaking of things hanging in space heh).

Fountain pen.

I watched THE FOUNTAIN last night and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't know exactly what happened, but it was beautifully filmed. Excellent lighting, choreography, framing, et cetera, et cetera.

I came away from the movie with one interpretation of the story, and I talked to my sister about it. She gave me a totally different interpretation.

(Bonus materials not cc'ed or subbed, but not much to speak of anyway, at least on the rental dvd.)

Spoiler Warning AhoyCollapse )
Regardless of whatever the correct interpretation is, THE FOUNTAIN was a really interesting movie, worth seeing if you're into that kind of trippy disjointed multilayered multilinear storytelling.

Or an hairless Hugh Jackman. Whatever floats your boat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

11:05PM - The Revolution Will Not Be Captioned (I Think I Already Used This Title)

Here's an interesting article regarding the lack of captioning on digitally delivered media (iTunes TV episodes, etc.)

June 17, 2007

Digital Revolution Excludes Closed Captioning

The Digital Revolution Has Made TV More Ubiquitous Than Ever -- Except
for Viewers Who Need Captioning
By James Hibberd

Colleen Farrell is a 21-year-old college senior who's been shut out of
television's digital revolution. She wants to watch her favorite shows
online. She's up for downloading programs to her iPod. She would like
to watch shows on her brother's high-definition set.

There's just one problem: Ms. Farrell is one of 23 million Americans
who are deaf or hard of hearing and must rely on closed captioning.

In the rush to create new products and make television programming
available anytime, anywhere, the need for closed captioning is being

The major broadcast networks have launched state-of-the-art online
video players -- that do not include captions.

Apple has revolutionized TV viewing by making shows available for
download on iTunes -- without captions.

The television industry is spending billions to deliver spectacular
high-definition signals -- but viewing captions on HD programming is a
Byzantine process that has frustrated many viewers.

continue reading articleCollapse )

Link: http://tvweek.com/news/2007/06/closed_captioning_excluded_dig.php

Sunday, June 17, 2007

10:07AM - PodCCasting On Tivo

Ooh, another interesting closed-captioned feature on the Tivo is podcasts. Well at least the day's featured podcast was closed-captioned. I noticed on the Tivo an advert for The Onion's Video Podcast (www.theonion.com has begun making short video clips--parodies of CNN and FOX newscasts, and these are available as podcasts or as clickable downloads). Tivo has a podcast/RSS feature (TivoCast)that can subscribe to different internet offerings, including the Onion News Network.

The menu offered a sampler, a 3 minute report on the human cost of immigration. An uneducated migrant worker took the vice-president's job at Lucent Technologies. Tragic, really. The unemployed white-collar worker had to sell his mansion and live in his summer home in the Hamptons and get a job bussing tables.

Anyway, this sampler was closed-captioned! Internet content is always difficult to get captioned, and it usually only is captioned when it's rebroadcast in another media- like a clip show of viral videos will be cced on E! channel, or a cult-favorite cartoon like TRIPPING THE RIFT will be cced on Sci-Fi channel. Looks like videopodcasts can be captioned through Tivo... unless it was just the one used to advertise ONN podcasts.

I guess I'll have to see if I can find a way to subscribe to the podcast through the Tivo so I can see if the others are cced.

the ONN video from The OnionCollapse )

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

6:35PM - Apocalytic Captioning And The Continued Aural Inferiority Of Subtitles

I finally saw the strides that Disney/Touchstone are making in providing accessibility to DVDs, which was mentioned elsewhere by codeman38, when I watched Gibson's APOCALYPTO. The bonus features were cced and subtitled, and it came with a subtitle track that was for the audio commentary. (Identifiable as the second English track when using the remote to switch subtitle tracks). About time! 8-)

And as part of my continuing quest to watch hard to find DVDs of actors and directors I'm interested in with the aid of online rentals, I just finished watching Takeshi Kitano's KIKUJIURO. It's distributed by Columbia/Tristar and had an English subtitle track along with standard closed-captioning. Once again, cc trumps subtitling because the closed-captioning included sound information such as the tinkling of chimes. Nothing new there. *shrug* Just thought I'd mention it.

It was a cute movie, funny and silly. Kitano is still really funny and a very good director. However, I noticed that he's too deadpan for my tastes. He's so hard to read, expression-wise. I'm sure part of that is due to a different set of cultural body language/facial language but jeez he has a serious deadpan. IMDB.com even mentions it in Kitano's biography "trademark poker face." But I finally found out why he has an odd eye blink- apparently part of his face has residual damage from surgery after a motorcycle accident.

in which I raise a point then change my mind when I think about it some moreCollapse )

Saturday, June 9, 2007

2:01PM - More CCommerial Applications

Another thing I've noticed but haven't posted about (I think) is the tactic of signifying that a commerical is closed captioned at the beginning with an indicator at the beginning of the commercial like:

I saw this today at the start of a SEARS commercial. There was no talking for most of the commercial-- just on-screen text that one could read. Finally at the end, the announcer summed up the point of the commercial and that was CCed.

I have a theory for that but it's sorta wishful thinking-- that they know we flip around when we see a commercial isn't closed-captioned. If we know it's CCed, then we'll stay to see what it's all about.

*shrug* Just a thought.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

5:26PM - CCommercial Applications Of Tivo

Can't remember if I posted about it but I know I meant to a long time ago... a friend of mine has Tivo and I found out a few months ago that Tivo's "commercial" packages that pop up at the main menu of Tivo-- like "See more about Volkeswagen's latest Toe Rag!"

One night I was really bored so I clicked on it to see what those commerical spots were like. Lo and behold, they were closed-captioned! What I had looked at was a "Behind-the-scenes look at" uhhh... I can't remember what it is... it's that apocalyptic Bible movie with Hilary Swank with the ten plagues hitting this southern town. Fine I'll look for the title. Ah, I was close. I wanted to say "reaving" but no it's reaping. "The Reaping."

Anyway, it was closed-captioned, surprising me. Last night I was reminded of the commercial CCing when I checked out Tivo's "Behind the Scenes on Ocean's Thirteen."

*shrug* That's all I wanted to mention.

Now that I'm thinking about it- maybe those commercials are closed-captioned because Tivo is a pay service and as such, they could get in trouble for offering content that's not accessible to Deaf/Hard of Hearing viewers. It's not like commericals on free network TV-- you get what you pay for. Oh, you didn't pay for it? Quit complaining then.

If that's the case then maybe this kind of "butt-covering" will take place in the DVD production industry. Already, nearly half of the major studios are producing DVDs with captioned and/or subtitled bonus features.

Oh that reminds me-- DEJA VU had closed-captioned deleted/extended scenes, but the bonus featurettes weren't closed-captioned as far as I could figure. (Produced by Touchstone Studios--"Disney").

THE GOOD SHEPHERD had subtitled deleted scenes but nothing else since it was a one-disc rental. I imagine that the 2-disc set has subtitled bonus features on it, since Universal Studios has a good track record.

Okay I'm done.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

12:48PM - PJ Party

Another company that seems to be doing a good job providing closed-captioning is Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Recently, I got on an early Peter Jackson movie kick. Silly of me but I forgot I could search for obscure DVDs via my Netflix, and I found three of Peter Jackson's early movies-- DEAD ALIVE, BAD TASTE, and MEET THE FEEBLES. Blockbuster Online only had the first two movies. So if anyone tells you both services are the same except Blockbuster is better because they have in-store benefits too. No they're not better. You can find some movies in Netflix's library that Blockbuster doesn't carry.

Anyway, for me there usually is a bit of leap of faith with no hidden rock bridge to support me heh. I can't view the DVD case and use clues to help me figure out whether or not a movie would be closed-captioned or subtitled. (Clues: production company, extra features included?, subtitled languages, and of course, the CC symbol). I'm dependent on the technical information provided by Netflix and sometimes it clearly states the movie is closed-captioned. Sometimes it's not labeled.

Case in point: MOVING VIOLATIONS. The information said nothing about it being closed-captioned. But it was! 8-)

Next case in point: MEET THE FEEBLES. The information didn't say if it was closed-captioned or not. It wasn't! 8-(

DEAD ALIVE is closed-captioned, although the captioning is a beat too fast for the spoken actors. That is--the line of dialogue would appear on screen, THEN the character would start saying it. But that in no way diminished the pleasure I got out of seeing a reverend kung-fuing his foot through a zombiefied hoodlum while shouting "I kick ass for the Lord!"

BAD TASTE is closed-captioned, but funnily enough--I thought it wasn't. I started watching the movie and when people started talking, no CC. "Aww!" I tried finding subtitles. No luck. Oh well. Wait, better make sure. So I check my TV's cc feature and sure enough, the CC decoder was turned off. So I turned it on and tried the DVD again. Closed-captioning! There are no extras other than a trailer and a text biography. The trailer is closed-captioned though! Anchor Bay Entertainment produced the DVD.

Reviews withinCollapse )

Bottom line-- I enjoyed both DEAD ALIVE and BAD TASTE but wouldn't watch them again. Well maybe I might watch DEAD ALIVE again with friends just to see what their reactions are heh.

Current mood: kicking ass for the lord!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

6:22PM - Some Geniuses Finally Got It Into Their Heads...

It appears that Genius Products Inc., a DVD production company that's been making DVDs for the Weinstein Company (the new company founded by the former MIRAMAX owners), has adopted a policy of subtitling everything, from the movie to the bonus features. I recently rented SCARY MOVIE 4, and was overjoyed to see that the bonus features were all subtitled! (Minus the commentary of course). I was surprised at it because the movie was released by Miramax/Dimension Films, but I looked at the back of the DVD case and it indicated that the Weinstein Company and Genius Products Inc. had a hand in it. Also, the first production logo that appears once the DVD is inserted is that of Genius Products Inc.

My previous exposure to them was from the CLERKS 2 DVD, and also one other DVD, I can't recall.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

8:24PM - Subtitles Not Departed

The other week, I watched the last two movies of the INFERNAL AFFAIRS trilogy. I enjoyed watching them both, but I liked the third one better--basically because it had Tony Leung Chiu Wai. 8-)

INFERNAL AFFAIRS II was a nice movie and a pretty good sequel which helped explain how the two moles were able to enter their respective target organizations... especially Chan's "in" with the triad, and had an interesting twist in the characterization of the mentors (Sam and What'sHisName as played by Anthony Wong). For some reason, I feel like #2 movies as prequels is becoming a common trend, although I can only think of INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and GODFATHER II as examples... Oh well. I also liked how they made the handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese control as the backdrop of the movie.

I enjoyed INFERNAL AFFAIRS III a lot. I found it a very logical sequel to the first one. I haven't gotten around to watching THE DEPARTED yet, but if they decide to do a sequel, they would do well to look at this movie. (Then again, they may have combined elements of the first and third movie...) Anyway, Tony Leung's character returns in a flashback parallelling events happening in the "present." I feel this movie, even more than the first one, keeps the audience guessing about agendas and loyalties.

I'm sort of disappointed by the ending they came up for Andy Lau's character, the triad mole or ex-mole or whatever it may be. I don't know if the writers just wanted to do something different, or if it was a "studio decision" to maintain the franchise attractiveness. And, you know, not everything in the INFERNAL AFFAIRS trilogy has been cut-and-dried, why should the ending be any different? heh

Okay, now for what all three of you are waiting for... closed-captioning and/or subtitling information!

Both DVDs were presented by the Weinstein Company. As I've mentioned before, the other Weinstein Co. DVD I've seen is CLERKS 2 that had all subtitling on their bonus features. So far the trend proves true here for both INFERNAL AFFAIRS II and III, although I'm not entering them on the Weinstein Company's track record because foreign movies tend to have subtitling because all of the actors and directors aren't speaking English, heh.

INFERNAL AFFAIRS II had a making-of and On-the-Set featurettes, both of which were subtitled. The third movie had a brief subtitled making-of featurette which was disappointing (due to its shortness). The second movie had longer featurettes. INFERNAL AFFAIRS III just had the one featurette. *shrug*

So there you have it.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

1:54PM - Boy, Looks Like That Was A Long Concert!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

2:33PM - Sniping At The NFRA [Nerf Foam Rifle Association]

So I'm watching Hellboy: Blood and Iron on the Cartoon Network (good movie, nice remix of some of the Hellboy comics although it was missing my favorite "son of a ---" moment heh. Plus the whole "you've got the body of a giant snake!" reason Hellboy pointed out.)

Anyway so a commercial caught my eye in spite of me speeding past 'em with the digital recorder. Nerf's come out with a sniper rife.




A toy designed to imitate a real-world weapon with the intended use of killing people from a very long distance away. Or at the very least, injure people from a distance.

Read more...Collapse )

Friday, March 23, 2007

7:09PM - Calculating The Matrix

Thought I'd introduce my newest LJ icon with a substantial post about the decision-making that goes into buying a DVD as a Deaf consumer...

9.99+9.99+9.99+14.97+10.99 < 36.99

doing the mathCollapse )

Hm. After writing this entry out, I now see that any way you slice it-- the Ultimate set is the best purchase for one's money, Deaf or Hearing alike. So it kinda makes my point moot.

Okay, new point (which was generally the main thrust of this point anyway): Deaf consumers have to consider the worth of paying money for a DVD and being able to access only a fraction of the material available. I'm not the first person to point this out--other advocates have pointed this out elsewhere. I'm just saying, this is how I think.

I'm more willing to buy a DVD if all the bonus materials are closed-captioned. Hell, I bought STAR TREK V just because of the overflowing captioned bonus goodies. (Lord knows it wasn't for the movie...)

Recently I purchased all five seasons of BABYLON 5 at a discounted price off Amazon.com. (at only 27% off grumble grumble... didn't buy it when I saw it at 30% Holiday sale, dammit)...

BABYLON 5 is one my mostest favritiest television shows ever... and yet I waited years before I decided to purchase the DVDs. Why? Warner Brothers DVDs. None of the bonus materials are cced, so I'm not going to pay a huge chunk of money just for the TV shows. Amazon.com's discount ameliorated the lack of captioning.

However, I'm gonna have to buy the BABYLON 5: The Lost Tales at full price to support the viability of them even doing the anthology DVD series... Ah well, the things we do for love...

I think this post is completed. Gonna click the POST button now...

Wups. Typed too soon. All fixed now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5:40PM - Harbl Habit

Cat pictures. Sometimes funny.

And sometimes wayyyy too many of them.


Kung-MeowCollapse )

Sunday, March 11, 2007

12:23PM - The Catnapper Has Awakened!

A pair of photos that contain two of the essential ingredients to pictures
on the world wide web... cute kittens and science fiction references.
(Neither are of my creation. Dunno who made 'em)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Another one behind here. I prefer the one above better. Collapse )

Saturday, March 3, 2007

8:45PM - Whoa! Captioning!

I recently got to check out the ULTIMATE MATRIX DVD collection (it was on sale at Amazon.com) and good news for Deaf fans of the Matrix...

The 10 DVD set includes two new "Revisited" DVDs that are closed-captioned, just as the MATRIX REVISITED DVD is. Sweet.

I think I've already mentioned that some of the ANIMATRIX bonus features include subtitling because some of the creators are speaking languages other than English.

The Burly Man Chronicles DVD is closed-captioned, and so are the bonus minifeaturettes! Sweet.

So the Ultimate set isn't a total loss if a Deaf fan chose to spend extra money. Still, I'd hope they decide to release the other two "Revisited" DVDs for individual sale, like THE MATRIX REVISITED DVD was.

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