deaf_skribbler (deaf_skribbler) wrote,

Whoa! Captioning!

I recently got to check out the ULTIMATE MATRIX DVD collection (it was on sale at and good news for Deaf fans of the Matrix...

The 10 DVD set includes two new "Revisited" DVDs that are closed-captioned, just as the MATRIX REVISITED DVD is. Sweet.

I think I've already mentioned that some of the ANIMATRIX bonus features include subtitling because some of the creators are speaking languages other than English.

The Burly Man Chronicles DVD is closed-captioned, and so are the bonus minifeaturettes! Sweet.

So the Ultimate set isn't a total loss if a Deaf fan chose to spend extra money. Still, I'd hope they decide to release the other two "Revisited" DVDs for individual sale, like THE MATRIX REVISITED DVD was.
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