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Subtitles Not Departed

The other week, I watched the last two movies of the INFERNAL AFFAIRS trilogy. I enjoyed watching them both, but I liked the third one better--basically because it had Tony Leung Chiu Wai. 8-)

INFERNAL AFFAIRS II was a nice movie and a pretty good sequel which helped explain how the two moles were able to enter their respective target organizations... especially Chan's "in" with the triad, and had an interesting twist in the characterization of the mentors (Sam and What'sHisName as played by Anthony Wong). For some reason, I feel like #2 movies as prequels is becoming a common trend, although I can only think of INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and GODFATHER II as examples... Oh well. I also liked how they made the handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese control as the backdrop of the movie.

I enjoyed INFERNAL AFFAIRS III a lot. I found it a very logical sequel to the first one. I haven't gotten around to watching THE DEPARTED yet, but if they decide to do a sequel, they would do well to look at this movie. (Then again, they may have combined elements of the first and third movie...) Anyway, Tony Leung's character returns in a flashback parallelling events happening in the "present." I feel this movie, even more than the first one, keeps the audience guessing about agendas and loyalties.

I'm sort of disappointed by the ending they came up for Andy Lau's character, the triad mole or ex-mole or whatever it may be. I don't know if the writers just wanted to do something different, or if it was a "studio decision" to maintain the franchise attractiveness. And, you know, not everything in the INFERNAL AFFAIRS trilogy has been cut-and-dried, why should the ending be any different? heh

Okay, now for what all three of you are waiting for... closed-captioning and/or subtitling information!

Both DVDs were presented by the Weinstein Company. As I've mentioned before, the other Weinstein Co. DVD I've seen is CLERKS 2 that had all subtitling on their bonus features. So far the trend proves true here for both INFERNAL AFFAIRS II and III, although I'm not entering them on the Weinstein Company's track record because foreign movies tend to have subtitling because all of the actors and directors aren't speaking English, heh.

INFERNAL AFFAIRS II had a making-of and On-the-Set featurettes, both of which were subtitled. The third movie had a brief subtitled making-of featurette which was disappointing (due to its shortness). The second movie had longer featurettes. INFERNAL AFFAIRS III just had the one featurette. *shrug*

So there you have it.
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