deaf_skribbler (deaf_skribbler) wrote,

Some Geniuses Finally Got It Into Their Heads...

It appears that Genius Products Inc., a DVD production company that's been making DVDs for the Weinstein Company (the new company founded by the former MIRAMAX owners), has adopted a policy of subtitling everything, from the movie to the bonus features. I recently rented SCARY MOVIE 4, and was overjoyed to see that the bonus features were all subtitled! (Minus the commentary of course). I was surprised at it because the movie was released by Miramax/Dimension Films, but I looked at the back of the DVD case and it indicated that the Weinstein Company and Genius Products Inc. had a hand in it. Also, the first production logo that appears once the DVD is inserted is that of Genius Products Inc.

My previous exposure to them was from the CLERKS 2 DVD, and also one other DVD, I can't recall.
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