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Another company that seems to be doing a good job providing closed-captioning is Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Recently, I got on an early Peter Jackson movie kick. Silly of me but I forgot I could search for obscure DVDs via my Netflix, and I found three of Peter Jackson's early movies-- DEAD ALIVE, BAD TASTE, and MEET THE FEEBLES. Blockbuster Online only had the first two movies. So if anyone tells you both services are the same except Blockbuster is better because they have in-store benefits too. No they're not better. You can find some movies in Netflix's library that Blockbuster doesn't carry.

Anyway, for me there usually is a bit of leap of faith with no hidden rock bridge to support me heh. I can't view the DVD case and use clues to help me figure out whether or not a movie would be closed-captioned or subtitled. (Clues: production company, extra features included?, subtitled languages, and of course, the CC symbol). I'm dependent on the technical information provided by Netflix and sometimes it clearly states the movie is closed-captioned. Sometimes it's not labeled.

Case in point: MOVING VIOLATIONS. The information said nothing about it being closed-captioned. But it was! 8-)

Next case in point: MEET THE FEEBLES. The information didn't say if it was closed-captioned or not. It wasn't! 8-(

DEAD ALIVE is closed-captioned, although the captioning is a beat too fast for the spoken actors. That is--the line of dialogue would appear on screen, THEN the character would start saying it. But that in no way diminished the pleasure I got out of seeing a reverend kung-fuing his foot through a zombiefied hoodlum while shouting "I kick ass for the Lord!"

BAD TASTE is closed-captioned, but funnily enough--I thought it wasn't. I started watching the movie and when people started talking, no CC. "Aww!" I tried finding subtitles. No luck. Oh well. Wait, better make sure. So I check my TV's cc feature and sure enough, the CC decoder was turned off. So I turned it on and tried the DVD again. Closed-captioning! There are no extras other than a trailer and a text biography. The trailer is closed-captioned though! Anchor Bay Entertainment produced the DVD.

DEAD ALIVE-- I think really, "I kick ass for the Lord!" line says it all heh. Okay, well it was an interesting horror-comedy in the vein of EVIL DEAD so if you like that kinda thing, you'd enjoy DEAD ALIVE. I got a little kick out of recognizing the location at the start of the movie from the "path of the dead" in Lord of the Rings 3: Choose Your Own Adventure.

And yeah wow, gore aplenty. The movie, even though it was just about 90 minutes long, seemed to run long. I suppose that's a pacing problem, or just due to the fact that Peter Jackson kept trying to rachet up the gore/violence/action level higher and higher. In the midst of a landscaping bloodbath, I checked the time remaining on the DVD, thinking this must be part of the climax. No, there's still 20 more minutes left. Jeez!

Still, I'd say it was worth seeing because I like the genre of hor-com and I was interested in early Peter Jackson.

BAD TASTE-- I actually fell asleep while watching this movie, but I don't really want to say it's indicative of the movie. Yes, the movie is a little sluggish but not a snoozefest. I'm just tired these days. Anyway, I believe this is one of Peter's first movies ever, and it does show. A lot of the movie feels disjointed-- and not much is explained. Man I just remembered the mysterious figure in the beginning of the movie-- what was up with him and his artificial appendages??? DEAD ALIVE was better at constructing a story and (more or less) explaining things.

Anyway I'm the kind of guy where given a type of movie, I can sit and accept whatever's happening onscreen. It's not like BAD TASTE is popular viewing in NYU film classes- where multiple shades of meanings are sought after. It just is. (Zen and film viewing, yes.)

So I just sat there watching events unfold on the TV screen. It's particularly gory but not as much as DEAD ALIVE (budgetary concerns I'm sure). Peter Jackson actually played a double role in the movie- the second role I didn't realize until seeing the credits. Amazing the difference a beard will make in recognizing a person. Anyway, it was a fun movie but more or less forgettable.

Bottom line-- I enjoyed both DEAD ALIVE and BAD TASTE but wouldn't watch them again. Well maybe I might watch DEAD ALIVE again with friends just to see what their reactions are heh.
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