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CCommercial Applications Of Tivo

Can't remember if I posted about it but I know I meant to a long time ago... a friend of mine has Tivo and I found out a few months ago that Tivo's "commercial" packages that pop up at the main menu of Tivo-- like "See more about Volkeswagen's latest Toe Rag!"

One night I was really bored so I clicked on it to see what those commerical spots were like. Lo and behold, they were closed-captioned! What I had looked at was a "Behind-the-scenes look at" uhhh... I can't remember what it is... it's that apocalyptic Bible movie with Hilary Swank with the ten plagues hitting this southern town. Fine I'll look for the title. Ah, I was close. I wanted to say "reaving" but no it's reaping. "The Reaping."

Anyway, it was closed-captioned, surprising me. Last night I was reminded of the commercial CCing when I checked out Tivo's "Behind the Scenes on Ocean's Thirteen."

*shrug* That's all I wanted to mention.

Now that I'm thinking about it- maybe those commercials are closed-captioned because Tivo is a pay service and as such, they could get in trouble for offering content that's not accessible to Deaf/Hard of Hearing viewers. It's not like commericals on free network TV-- you get what you pay for. Oh, you didn't pay for it? Quit complaining then.

If that's the case then maybe this kind of "butt-covering" will take place in the DVD production industry. Already, nearly half of the major studios are producing DVDs with captioned and/or subtitled bonus features.

Oh that reminds me-- DEJA VU had closed-captioned deleted/extended scenes, but the bonus featurettes weren't closed-captioned as far as I could figure. (Produced by Touchstone Studios--"Disney").

THE GOOD SHEPHERD had subtitled deleted scenes but nothing else since it was a one-disc rental. I imagine that the 2-disc set has subtitled bonus features on it, since Universal Studios has a good track record.

Okay I'm done.
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