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Apocalytic Captioning And The Continued Aural Inferiority Of Subtitles

I finally saw the strides that Disney/Touchstone are making in providing accessibility to DVDs, which was mentioned elsewhere by codeman38, when I watched Gibson's APOCALYPTO. The bonus features were cced and subtitled, and it came with a subtitle track that was for the audio commentary. (Identifiable as the second English track when using the remote to switch subtitle tracks). About time! 8-)

And as part of my continuing quest to watch hard to find DVDs of actors and directors I'm interested in with the aid of online rentals, I just finished watching Takeshi Kitano's KIKUJIURO. It's distributed by Columbia/Tristar and had an English subtitle track along with standard closed-captioning. Once again, cc trumps subtitling because the closed-captioning included sound information such as the tinkling of chimes. Nothing new there. *shrug* Just thought I'd mention it.

It was a cute movie, funny and silly. Kitano is still really funny and a very good director. However, I noticed that he's too deadpan for my tastes. He's so hard to read, expression-wise. I'm sure part of that is due to a different set of cultural body language/facial language but jeez he has a serious deadpan. even mentions it in Kitano's biography "trademark poker face." But I finally found out why he has an odd eye blink- apparently part of his face has residual damage from surgery after a motorcycle accident.

While I'm on the subject- he's a serious star in the East, a triple- or even more- threat, actor, writer, director, editor, painter, novelist, poet. The fact that he can still star in movies that are critically acclaimed in spite of a minor facial twitch illustrates the difference between Hollywood and the Rest of the World. I find it hard to believe that a Hollywood star would still achieve Kitano's status after such a visual type of injury. On the other hand, he was big before, he had a proven track record and a lot of goodwill. I mean, if Brad Pitt developed a twitch, studios would still hire him to star in movies. They'd just film more takes to get one where he's not twitching in his scenes.

So, never mind my initial point 8-P I guess it just speaks to Kitano's influence more than to non-Hollywood sensibilities. I do wonder if Kitano would become as popular had he had the twitch in the first place? I doubt Brad Pitt would be such a star had he had a twitch when he started out. Eh, time to end the post.

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