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PodCCasting On Tivo

Ooh, another interesting closed-captioned feature on the Tivo is podcasts. Well at least the day's featured podcast was closed-captioned. I noticed on the Tivo an advert for The Onion's Video Podcast ( has begun making short video clips--parodies of CNN and FOX newscasts, and these are available as podcasts or as clickable downloads). Tivo has a podcast/RSS feature (TivoCast)that can subscribe to different internet offerings, including the Onion News Network.

The menu offered a sampler, a 3 minute report on the human cost of immigration. An uneducated migrant worker took the vice-president's job at Lucent Technologies. Tragic, really. The unemployed white-collar worker had to sell his mansion and live in his summer home in the Hamptons and get a job bussing tables.

Anyway, this sampler was closed-captioned! Internet content is always difficult to get captioned, and it usually only is captioned when it's rebroadcast in another media- like a clip show of viral videos will be cced on E! channel, or a cult-favorite cartoon like TRIPPING THE RIFT will be cced on Sci-Fi channel. Looks like videopodcasts can be captioned through Tivo... unless it was just the one used to advertise ONN podcasts.

I guess I'll have to see if I can find a way to subscribe to the podcast through the Tivo so I can see if the others are cced.

Immigration: The Human Cost
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