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Not The Sequin/Rhinestone Attaching Machine Of Infomercial Fame Plus Sappy Trees

So I finally saw a classic comedy closed-captioned. BEDAZZLED. No, not the one with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley, but the one with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Not the Deaf Peter Cook, the British one. Hm is the Deaf Peter Cook British? Lemme check... *sigh* his webpage doesn't even say where he's from, but it's not out of the question to assume he's American-born.

Anyway... back to the DVD.

Closed-captioned! And subtitled in English too. Netflix failed to mention there was CC or English subtitling on the DVD on their details page. Anyway now you know. It's a pretty funny movie. It was a long movie, but didn't feel that long. It felt just right. And Raquel Welch is really hot. Funny, there was a bit of South Park-esque animation with the flies in the movie. Anyway, the bonus materials weren't cced or subtitled but I'll live. The DVD is released by 20th Century Fox, so, the cc/subbing remains true to form.

I really love the opening title sequence. I don't know why, but the background in motion got me. I suppose I like unfocused motion. I'm not sure if I'm saying it correctly. The rush of light and colors that fill in the letters of the title cards evoke a response in me of appreciation.

Along similar lines, my favorite photographs are ones with short depth of fields wherein the backgrounds are blurry smears, bringing the subject into sharp relief. For me, it conveys a sense of motion-- I know it's not really logical but that's how it feels to me. The subject hangs in space, standing still while the rest of the world moves around it. It's kind of bedazzling to me.

Oh yes, now I know where the phrase "you fill me with inertia" comes from.

Ohhh duh. I just got a double meaning of another movie I just saw, (speaking of things hanging in space heh).

Fountain pen.

I watched THE FOUNTAIN last night and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't know exactly what happened, but it was beautifully filmed. Excellent lighting, choreography, framing, et cetera, et cetera.

I came away from the movie with one interpretation of the story, and I talked to my sister about it. She gave me a totally different interpretation.

(Bonus materials not cc'ed or subbed, but not much to speak of anyway, at least on the rental dvd.)

Basically she thought that the conquistador and the futuro baldy spaceball guy were all part of the story Izzi was writing and also, additions made by Dr. Tommy.

Me, I had more of a sci-fi comic booky bent. I thought that the futuro baldy spaceball guy was Dr. Tommy, having come up with an immortality compound from his work. That way, he would have enough time in the world (universe, even) to figure out how to bring Izzy back. The conquistador storyline was the only fictional one (yes, I know all of this was a fictional storyline but I meant IN the movie) and he looked like Dr. Tommy because he was imagining himself as the conquistador...

The tree was the remains of Izzi grown from that seed that Dr. Tommy planted at the end of the movie.

Regardless of whatever the correct interpretation is, THE FOUNTAIN was a really interesting movie, worth seeing if you're into that kind of trippy disjointed multilayered multilinear storytelling.

Or an hairless Hugh Jackman. Whatever floats your boat.
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