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SEEing Dewey Decimal System


Oh, her blog is at if anyone is interested.

*side note: SEE is Signed Exact English, a signing system invented by educators to represent the English language through hand shapes. The key word here is "system" as opposed to a naturally grown language like ASL-end side note*

gnarly dorkette (derrrr)

Ok. We're at BN, Barnes and Noble. W-- in Orange County. We, three of us, my friends, decided to uhmmm, show our objections against SEE sign. We grew up with SEE, we used SEE. So what we're doing is, we noticed many books with SEE sign here. *gets books off shelves* Many of them, so what to do... move them. They're in the wrong place. *points to LANGUAGE* Language. SEE is not a language. So what we're gonna do, we'll show you what we're gonna do. We're going to move everything, OK. *grabs more books*

A better match for these is what? There. *points to HUMOR, then reshelves books*


Personally I might've put it under Fantasy or at the very least, Fiction. 8-)
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