deaf_skribbler (deaf_skribbler) wrote,

This Is Subtitled! Both!

Awesome, just rented 300 and I see they have a subtitled commentary track for "the Deaf and Hard of Hearing" Sweet! Now to check the other stuff... (weird, it's a WB dvd, so they don't usually have cc/subtitling...)

Yes indeedy, the second disc on the 2-disc special edition has all the bonus materials subtitled! I bought it at Borders for almost 12 bucks off, for their usual "first week new release sale."

So far the only thing that is not subtitled or closed-captioned is an Easter Egg on the first disc, when you get into the Special Features menu, you can click on the blood spatter covering the "Special Features" title logo. That's the only thing not cced or subbed.

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